About Us

Reading Light Pictures is an Ottawa-based film & video production company that provides production services for businesses, creative-thinkers and private functions.

We specialize in corporate promotional videos, real estate tours and weddings, as well as creative projects including short films and music videos.

Our business also offers a wide range of custom-tailored, social media shorts for clients looking to generate boat loads of buzz around special announcements, or to present personal milestones in an unique way to share with family, friends and colleagues.

Curious? We don’t blame you. Check out our social media shorts in the portfolio section or on the Reading Light Pictures facebook page to get an idea of our super unique products and services!

Thinking outside the box is the goal for which we strive!

Our Origins

Created in 2016 by independent filmmaker, Steven Carey, Reading Light Pictures is a pioneering endeavour of local filmmakers looking to push the envelope on product content and quality. With over a decade of film and video production experience, we continually looks for new ways to reach new audiences in unique and captivating ways.

Steven Carey, company president and filmmaker, has been fascinated with movies and storytelling since his very first theatre-going experience when he saw ‘E.T. the Extraterrestrial’ at the age of 5.

Growing up, Steven would make home movies, utilizing his friends and family as actors. He wrote and directed his first short horror movie when he was 10 years old and, by the age of 18, had completed 7 video productions, ranging from short films, skateboard videos and finally, in his senior year of high school, his first feature-length movie entitled ‘Vietlawn’.  This war satire was produced as a passion project wrangling the help of 35 family and friends as actors, filming over a period of 2 months and incorporating the use of many creative solutions for ultra low-budget special effects.

Although Vietlawn is nothing to write home about, Steven clearly identifies this experience as the key turning point in his career pursuits.  All plans of pursing a career in engineering vanished overnight as he set his sights on filmmaking.

After graduating high school, Steven applied to the Film & Video Program at York University.   Facing fierce competition, Steven was one of 62 people to be accepted into the program from an initial group of over 900 candidates.  In 2003, Steven graduated from the film program at York having worked in a variety of crew roles in 20 films and videos, for which 5 of them he wrote and directed.

After several years working in the film industry as a production assistant, director’s assistant and director, Steven signed with an agent to pursue acting as well.   In 2012, he moved to Ottawa and returned to his passion of working behind the camera.  To this day, writing and directing are Steven’s true passions within the industry and the career path for which he invests all of his creative energy and artistic vision.

“Nothing is more empowering and rewarding than being able to tell someone’s story and bring it to life on the screen”